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Award Winning Wilko Plate (Blockout Plate)
Wilko Strap (Roof Truss Strap) Fitting
Wilko Strap (Bondbeam Strap)
  • Simplicity of handling

  • Fit strap around bondbeam bar (No threading from end required)

  • Use Max FAP32 V5 GKN nails only

  • Galvabond

  • Physical testing conducted at James Cook University Cyclone Testing Station

Wilko Plate (Bondbeam Blockout Plate)  

An absolute must in all new masonry construction buildings. Wilko Plate is a John Wilkinson Invention, cleverly designed and patented.


Wilko Plate offers consistent strength and durability to bond beam construction as well as saving time and labour costs to the bricklayer and steel fixer.


Wilko Plate is made from Zincalume steel, and is manufactured in Townsville North Queensland Australia.


The plate is designed to wedge into the bottom of the "knock out" block thereby containing moisture in the beam. This allows the concrete to cure much slower therefore enhancing around 15% more strength both horizontally and vertically in the concrete.


Provision for conduit is semi punched into the plates at the time of manufacture. This allows both the electricians and plumber's easy access by knocking out the holes they elect to use. (This is done prior to filling the beam with concrete). Conduit sizes are 50mm, 35mm and 25mm OD.

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